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Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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Naka shi Japan
Obninsk, Russia

about1aa.gif (1119 bytes) Our organization provides support on a volunteer basis for activities between our sister cities and other international visitors to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Check out opportunities to learn about our sister cities and their cultures, make international friends in person or by email and host international visitors.

2015 Events

Middle School Exchange: Naka shi in Oak Ridge - August 2015 

Obninsk Teachers and Surgeon Visit Oak Ridge - August 2015

Middle School Exchange: Oak Ridge to Naka shi - July 2015  Program Details

Our car wash fundraised in cooperation with Time to Shine was a huge success.  The participation of the 2015 delegation was outstanding and we raised $1,470 to help them fund their air fare!  We are tentatively scheduled to do this same fundraiser in April, 2016.  Please support Time to Shine through the year in appreciation for their support of the Sister City Organization. 

2014 Events

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